The Jump Up!
Divorce Recovery Weekend Retreat

Next Jump Up! - Fall of 2018

Includes optional free bonus sightseeing day 


The 2017 Jump Up! took place on a gorgeous Montreal weekend. We had women from all over the U.S., Canada and even Britain. It was wonderful to watch all the women growing so quickly into a powerful support network. We talked a lot, laughed a lot, cried a little. Please join us at our next Jump Up! in the fall of 2018.

Jump Up! Divorce Recovery Retreat in Montreal

Jump Up! your Divorce Recovery with Vikki in Montreal this Fall


You are invited to join me for a very special divorce recovery weekend retreat in Montreal this Fall. It’s called the Jump Up! because you will supercharge your recovery from the end of your relationship.

But the Jump Up! isn’t just a retreat. It’s a way to start feeling normal again. I know how awful it feels when your relationship ends. You’re not in control of your emotions, you’re scared for the future, you just don’t feel yourself. And while you may be surviving – life is about much more that. It’s about thriving.

There are no words to describe the feeling of being among other women that truly understand what I have been through. We formed a tight, loving, heartbroken, but absolutely strong and supportive community. We only had two days, but I could swear I have known them all of my life. I know I found lifelong friends. As a result of being there, I have found peace for the first time in two years. I am totally looking forward to the future, knowing I can choose to make it as wonderful as I can!
— Kathy from Virginia

What to expect at the Jump Up!

The Jump Up! is a great opportunity to move your recovery ten steps forward so you can start feeling better. During two jam-packed days in beautiful Montreal, I'll be leading workshops that will help you understand what happened in your life and how to recover from the end of your marriage.

In the safety of a caring community of women who really understand what you've been going through, you'll learn how to:

  • Manage your emotions and feel better
  • Stop obsessing about your ex
  • Revive hope for your future

In smaller breakout groups, under the guidance of a professional therapist, you’ll get a chance to work through issues and find solutions with others going through the same thing.

We will have separate breakout groups for:

  • Women who are struggling more than two years post separation
  • Women for whom the break-up was recent

We’ll also be having some fun!

We will celebrate together on the Saturday night at the Banquet Dinner, which will be held at an authentic French Montreal bistro. The food will be great, but the friendship will be greater!

We are offering a free optional bonus day so we can relax and spend the day together sightseeing around Montreal.

After the weekend, you’ll go home feeling encouraged and refreshed, with a support network you can really count on. Come alone, come with a friend, or come with your Healing Circle. Just get yourself to Montreal and I'll take care of the rest. Join us! You'll be so glad you did.


What to do to reserve your spot:

      1. Complete the registration form
2. Pay the fee

The Jump Up! will be held at the Omni Hotel.

The Omni Hote in Montreal, where divorce recovery retreat The Jump Up! will be held

The luxurious Omni Hotel is located right in the center of town - perfect location, large, comfortable rooms! You will be able to reserve your room for a preferred rate. The event is listed under the name "Sedona Counselling Centre." 


Montreal is a world-class destination

Montreal is a great travel destination and to make it more special, this year Montreal is celebrating its 350th anniversary! Trip Advisor says, "Old Montreal's Parisian style streets are a wonderful place to wander - stop at an intimate bistro or sidewalk café for a taste of Europe." But don't worry - you won't have to speak French!

I know that making the decision to join us in Montreal in September is not easy, but I promise, you won't regret it! We'll all Jump Up! together! 

Jump Up! Divorce Recovery Retreat with Vikki Start in Montreal.