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The goal of this community site is to help you recover from Wife Abandonment Syndrome, find resources and connect with a group of supportive women going through the same thing.


How you can heal right now:


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Runaway Husbands: The Abandoned Wife’s Guide to Recovery and Renewal

By Vikki Stark

Based on interviews with 400 women worldwide, Runaway Husbands will explain everything you are going through. You’ll understand why your husband left, how you can feel better and how to move on from here. Plus, Vikki shares her own story of her runaway husband to encourage you.

Planet Heartbreak: Abandoned Wives Tell Their Stories

Edited by Vikki Stark

Planet Heartbreak is the companion volume to Runaway Husbands. It is made up of 62 stories written by abandoned wives who tell about when their husbands left, how they coped and the strategies they used to jumpstart their lives again.

Free resources to give you the support you need:

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Healing Circles

Joining a Healing Circle provides you with an opportunity to get support and connect face-to-face with other women in your community. Some communities have ongoing meetings. If there is no organized meeting in your area, you can contact other women individually and arrange to meet.
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Runaway Husbands Facebook Group

Reach out to other women in the Runaway Husbands community 24/7 through our closed Facebook group. Share your experiences and hear about theirs. Please click the button and send us a join request. You must have a Facebook account to join the group.

Ways you can work personally with Vikki:

Vikki’s Healing Circle

Hearts & Minds Online Divorce Recovery Group

You’ll be amazed at the power of a community of women who really understand. Sign up for this eight-week (hour and a half per week) online therapy group led by Vikki and get the understanding, help and support you need in this tremendously therapeutic group. You'll be able to see and hear all the group members online at the same time. Fee: $360 U.S. The next group will be starting Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 7pm (eastern).
"This group has helped me get myself back, laugh and visit with like-minded smart women." - Hearts & Minds participant


Hearts & Minds Online Divorce Recovery Group - International

This Hearts & Minds Online Divorce Recovery Group is timed so that it works for women all over the world. Start date is 3pm Friday, February 22 (Montreal time). Hope you can join!

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Skype or Phone Therapy

No matter where you are in the world, get the benefit of Vikki’s personal guidance and experience in a one-on-one private therapy session. Vikki can be your therapist to shepherd you through these troubling times. Fee: $185 U.S. per session

Sedona Divorce Retreat with Vikki Stark

Divorce Recovery Retreats

Attend one of Vikki's retreats in Sedona, Arizona or Montreal. These retreats are profound bonding experiences with Vikki and the other participants. You will come away energized and with renewed hope for your future. Sign up for the next group in Sedona in May.

Other books you might like:

The Divorce Talk: How to Tell the Kids

By Vikki Stark

Based on interviews with over 100 children whose parents divorced, The Divorce Talk is the definitive guide to help parents break the news of an upcoming separation to their kids with the least risk of trauma. Readers will learn to manage their own emotions, how to reduce the risk of trauma and cushion the blow into order to help their kids.

My Sister, My Self: The Surprising Way that Being an Older, Middle, Younger or Twin Shaped Your Life

By Vikki Stark

Ever wonder about the the influences that shaped you growing up? My Sister, My Self explores how a woman’s place in the sister hierarchy in her family leads to the development of fundamental character traits that affect how she feels about herself, how she relates to other people and her choices in life. Hear Vikki’s own experience with her older sister that sheds light on the subject.