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"The Hug" by Lauren Goldman

The Abandoned Wife's Guide to Recovery and Renewal, the new book by Vikki Stark, M.S.W. will help you understand what happened in your life and learn how to use this crisis as an opportunity for a better future!

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Reactions from women who have read the book:

Thank you so much for this wonderful book! I experienced a whole range of emotions as I read along sometimes tears, sometimes giggles but a whole lot of head nodding and "Yep, that was him all right!" as I turned the pages. Your book and your website have provided invaluable comfort and support in my journey towards recovery from this life altering event.

Jean from Philadelphia.

I sat down and devoured your book - read it so fast with lots of highlights in yellow! I'm sure I will reread it many times. Lying in bed, out jumped your belief about brain tumour and abduction by aliens. I burst into hysterical laughter until I collapsed in hysterical tears. Those were my exact same thoughts.

Carmella from San Diego.

I received your book and couldn't put it down until I finished it. It is an absolutely outstanding book that has so eloquently portrayed almost to a tee everything that I've experienced in the last several months.

Linda from Sydney, Australia.

PLEASE NOTE: This website is dedicated to helping women who were abandoned by their husbands but it is important to state that wives also abandon their marriages without prior notice, although not at the same frequency. It is also important to highlight the fact that not all men who choose to end their marriage do so in this way.

What we need most of all to recover from Wife Abandonment Syndrome is each other!

Here you get the chance to tell your story to other women who really know what you are talking about. The goal of this "town square" is to provide support and encourage healing for yourself and others. Please feel free to write about your thoughts and experience, but most of all, let's all share the tricks we used to "make it through the night" in the early days, and the wisdom we gained that helped us "bounce back better" when we were further along the road to healing. There's strength in numbers - let's give each other that strength.

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Wednesday, January 30,2008

Great resource

I've had sudden news delivered to me by two husbands now. Your site has been so helpful to me this time -- when this happens, we're so tremendously devestated!! Often it is difficult seeing that life really does go on. Seeing that others are facing the same as I has really helped me, so thanks!! I also found solace at www.firstwivesworld.com. They're helping take the sting out of my wounds too.

Posted by
Sylvia Martin


Rose F.

My husband and I were married nearly 24 years (my entire adult life) when he abandoned our family for another woman, his friend's ex-wife who lived halfway across the country. I was shocked and devastated and didn't know where to turn as a resource. Then my brother-in-law downloaded Eckhart Tolle's book for me, "A New Earth" (He also wrote another very good book, "The Power of Now"). A new way to think began to emerge for me. Eckhart Tolle lays out the concept that all structures are impermanent... It all changes anyway... Ego is a powerful force... It is all about the "NOW"...the present moment. The past is over...the future hasn't happened yet, so obsessing about your past and future are essentially your own projections..."Your story". I learned to put "space" around what happened. I learned about "pain bodies" and many other helpful concepts. I began to get a sense of my own "being-ness". I started to operate in less of a victim way (that alone was a tremendous gift). I scooped up every invitation from friends for lunch, dinner or coffee. I shared my loss and my pain, not as a victim, but as someone who was (very painfully) embracing the change/truth as it was. Much like someone who had a catastrophic car accident and needed rehabilitation. It has been and continues to be, a daily process. Today, more than a year later, I can say that yes, it does get better. But it is a slow process, and I am not anywhere near through it yet. I am really looking forward to reading Vikki Stark's book "Runaway Husbands". Thank you for this resource and website.

Saturday, December 17,2011


A silly but simple free way to help pass some time and completely blank out your brain is farmville game on facebook....thought mom was silly he left i played it obsessively for 2 weeks...it helps...then u get mad but it helps...all i have for now when i get some courage i will tell my story but thanks for listening.....and does anyone know wer to purchase this book at a discount or used book store ect in ohio? he kinda left me with no money...

Friday, March 30,2012


Amber if you are still interested in the book, email me with your address and I will send you one. It is a great book, won't heal you overnight and not meant to...only time can do that, but I carry mine around with me for times I get emotionally "stuck". And it helps. My email address is yayaheart10@yahoo.com

Sunday, February 16,2014

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